Monday, May 15, 2017

Co Educational Schools Are The Way To Go

In our class we have had four topics for writing, car seats, school sports, pocket money and classes. I chose to write about classes. This is my peice to try and presade you that co educational schools are the way to go

Firstly, if they go to a co-educational school, they will be prepared for the real world and will be able to interact with others very well, this can also increase their chance of making friends of the other gender. Following this, they will most likely gain respect for everyone around them, such as different countries, skin colours and beliefs.

Secondly, co-ed schools can boost relationships. If your child goes to an all boy or all girl’s school, they will most likely have only father/son or
mother/daughter days, whereas mixed gender schools will mix those into one to make it a family day. Another reason, is you may have a child that copes better with the opposite gender, they will not be able to do this when the opposite gender doesn’t even go to their school.

Thirdly, if you have two children of different genders and if you were to send your son to an all boys school and your daughter to an all girls school, chances are you will have to drive to two places and burn fuel you don’t have to burn, but if you send them both to the same school that won't have to happen.

Lastly, some special teachers only teach specific subjects to different gender schools and teach that gender, sending your child to a mixed school will save time by getting that teacher to teach both genders at the same time.
In addition, students may want to play certain sports, an example would be boys wanting to play netball and girls playing rugby, and this may not be available at single sex schools.

Therefore, I strongly believe that co educational schools are better for your child than single sex schools, whether it be in society, relationships or special subjects, they all come around to support this. Hopefully this piece has persuaded you to send your child to a co-educational school.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

 ðŸ•Camp Kaitawa!!🏕

Camp Kaitawa was as cool as I remember it to be from the first time, maybe even better this time. When we first got there the teachers showed us around the camp and told us we had to do the undie run aka the undie 500 and we then chose our bunks, after that we went down to the dining room to be told that we would be going to do some rock hopping down at the lake, we saw mahÅ«'s taniwha children in their stone form, we went round a little part of the lake and cut through the bush to get back to our vans, and about half-way back to camp we were told that we would be walking down the pipeline, eventually we got back to camp and went for a kayak. I say kayak, but I just jumped in with a lifejacket, togs and nothing more and went for a swim around, we then had our dinner. We had macaroni and cheese then we got in the vans and went to Lou's lookout, we saw where we went rock-hopping, the walk back was good...for about 2 minutes until Jack found a hole in the ground, so Bevan had to go down and get him out. When we got back to camp, we read a story called noseweed and it was pretty funny, and then we went to bed.
When we woke up in the morning we had our breakfast, got dressed and went to do our first duties, my group did the showers, but only one person had used the showers so we got to do the basins, mirrors and firewood instead. After that we went down to the dining room and were told what we needed to change into to go to Lake Waikareiti and left. It took like an hour to get to the lake, and when we did it was freezing, It then took an hour to get back, after that we had dinner, it was burgers and chips and went to bed.

My favourite bit of our trip was when we went to Lake Kiriopukae, and were jumping around in the stream.   Lots of people got soaked, and when Catherine tried to get over the stream, Sam pushed her in and got the toilet paper wet. Sam made it look so easy when he just walked over it. The wet toilet paper incodent inspired me to make a poem called bog roll.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sprint Race

Exaggeration poem writing

Exaggeration means claiming something is greater than it really is. For example, if you said “my cat is as big as a house” or “I can run faster than the speed of light,” you would be exaggerating.

To write your own exaggeration poem, you only need to do three things:
  1. Pick something to write about.
  2. Pick a feature or characteristic of the thing that you are writing about.
  3. Exaggerate that characteristic in every way you can think of, making a list as you go.
  4. Take your list of ideas and turn them into a poem.

Here are some more tips to help you get started:
  • When you write your exaggeration poem, it doesn’t have to rhyme, unless you want it to.
  • If you can’t think of a funny ending for your poem, try ending it with the same lines you used at the beginning of the poem.

Good luck writing your own exaggeration poems!

I Ate a Spicy Pepper
I ate a spicy pepper
From my brother on a dare.
The pepper caught my head on fire
And burned off all my hair.

My mouth erupted lava
And my tongue began to melt.
My ears were shooting jets of steam.
At least that’s how they felt.

I ricocheted around the room.
I ran across the ceiling.
I dove right in the freezer
To relieve the burning feeling.

I drank a thousand soda pops
And chewed a ton of ice
To try to stop the scorching
Of that spicy pepper’s spice.

At last, the flames extinguished,
I admitted to my brother,
“That pepper was the best one yet.
May I please have another?”

Sprint Race
I was at the starting line,
A competition we were in.
Ready and raring to go,
A pistol went off and someone said BEGIN!

And off we went,
Feet lifting off the ground.
I was sprinting and sprinting,
At the speed of sound.

My legs killing me ,
They then set on fire.
Running and running,
Like I was powered by some wire.

Across the finish line ,
My legs weren’t entire.
At least it was finished,
Anything else that you desire?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haast Paast

Moa Story
WALT recount/ retell  an interesting event.
The purpose of our story is to entertain, retell and inform.

Success Criteria:
Content & ideas
  • Hook in the reader at the start - hint of a problem
  • Create suspense- don’t give too much information- give clues
Sentence Formation
  • Write a variety of sentence starters and vary the lengths of sentences to create excitement.
  • I use interesting verbs and describing words.
  • I choose words suitable to the topic
  • Introduction - setting (time, weather, place etc), character/s
  • Middle - problem
  • Conclusion (ending)
  • One paragraph for one idea and detail about the one idea.
  • I write most essential list words accurately - no sloppy mistakes.
  • I use basic punctuation correctly        
  • . , ! ? “ “
  • I am proofreading and checking my writing

Five Hours
Stuart Island
George of the Jungle
Make Shelter
Doze off

Start your story here

‘Twas the night before my birthday. I was lying in a cold blanket of tree leaves, Five whole hours had passed since I was washed down the river being separated from my fellow scouts. We had been at a campsite in the Stuart Island, we were crossing a violent river when I suddenly got washed away. I was nearly at a junction when I grabbed a nearby vine. I swung across like I was George of the Jungle…. Then it snapped!

I fell onto the jungle floor below me and was covered in algae from the river. I stumbled helplessly for 2 hours then I finally found a light, sadly it was only light from the moon. I decided to make a shelter Bear Grylls style! The only source I had to keep me sane was a granola bar. Finally I dozed off into a deep sleep.

CCCCAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!, My body was woken by a sound that terrified me. I scrambled off my log and made my way out of the shelter. I was terrified to see the biggest bird I had ever seen  circling me . CCCAAAAWWWW!!! The beast screamed again, and before I knew it it had landed in the bushes directly in front of me. Four red eyes peered directly at me, it was the scariest thing I had ever been through.

That’s when it happened….. two Haast’s Eagles soared towards me knocking me over. “How?, when?, why?” I stuttered in my head. I couldn’t believe my eyes, was it a dream?. I pinched myself just to be sure. It WORKED! I woke up on my log, But I knew something was wrong. I went outside to find two dead Haast’s Eagles on the ground.

“What’s happened?” I said to myself. I tried to help them but they had no pulse, I knew it was too late! I decided to bury them somewhere no one would find them. I knew no-one would believe me so I kept it to myself, Until Now!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Camp Omatua 2016


Ooooh!. Tight squeeze, I’m gonna fall over soon.   :-(

Uhh Are you sure about this Diaz? It looks a bit cold!

Vaughn (1).JPG
Mr Ford (2).JPG
Are You Having Fun Mr Ford? Cause I think WE all are.

Vaughn (2).JPG
Nope, I was wrong It’s Nice!
I don’t know about you guys, but I think Charlotte is mad with power

Conor (9).JPG

MMMMM Conor! That looks good!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Homework is silly

Mark Gifkins
Parkvale School                                                            
Howard Street

Dear Mr Gifkins, I think that homework is silly. It is very inconvenient and is not good for our health. We could be doing other things. Playing with friends and family, training for sport or getting fresh air.

Firstly, Students have done a big watt of work at school and when they go home the want to get home and play with their toys or relax and watch television, not get home and make their brains work even harder. After all, school’s for work and learning, home on the other hand is for fun and relaxation. Kids are made for exploration, excitement and enjoyment not boredom, boredom and boredom.

Secondly, The students are doing work at school and when they get home they could have better things to do than being slaved doing work that they already have done at school. At home they could like to be creative and imaginative out in their garden with toys rather than being inside doing work and getting bored at home.

Lastly students could get lots of fresh air rather than warm inside air that isn’t good for them.
They could be practicing sport or be playing with cousins or friends that they haven’t seen in a long time, you wouldn't want to ruin friendship would you.

After all this I hope you will not give students anymore homework homework is silly. It is very inconvenient and is not good for our health. We could be doing other things. Playing with friends and Relatives, training for sport or getting fresh hawkes Bay air.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerly,
Vaughn Laurence.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It was a dark and slightly gloomy night and I clamber out of my tent, I was hungry, I needed food and Fast at that. So I grabbed my bag of marshmallows and started a campfire by rubbing two sticks  together. then I hear a bobbing sound in the murky lake  water behind me, I take a peek, nothing was there. then I heard a rustle in the bush, I turned around nothing was there.

suddenly (grrrrrrrrrrrr) RROOAARR!!!! I saw something that looked like the lockness monster, it was scaly like a lizard, it’s eyes were shaped like ovals they were as yellow as dandelion yellow dye from minecraft with a zebra stripe right down the middle. i felt that this was my chance to defend or escape, I decided to defend so I held my stick up to the beast when suddenly It’s eyes! it took some time but then I figured it out, It was looking at the marshmallow! I threw the marshmallow up in the air and the monster / now angel jumped and ate it in mid air! I reached for another one and threw it as high as I could and the beast still jumped and caught it. I reached into the bag again, I could only feel one more! this time the fish looking monster almost swallowed my hand whole! but thankfully only ate the marshmallow, that’s when it went downhill. the monsters eyes turned back from pink to yellow when suddenly…

The freak screamed, I ran away into the bushes. finally I found a golden marsh mallow from my best friends campfire, threw it as hard as i could into the woods and the monster sprinted and sprinted to eat it. I ran for my life while the  giant was distracted, when suddenly there was a humongous shadow in front of me. I looked up, it was a hairy ape… just kidding it was the marshmallow monster i sprinted my life away when gurgle, gurgle then the monster fell to the ground then I asked myself why would no one eat a perfect golden marshmallow and why did the monster fall to the ground when he ate that one marshmallow?  then it came to me no one would eat a perfect golden marshmallow if it was poisonous!!!!!!! I walked back, then a twig pinched me when instantly I woke up to a green material roof. Thank *** it was just a dream ……...   

Image result for monsterImage result for green tent