Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It was a dark and slightly gloomy night and I clamber out of my tent, I was hungry, I needed food and Fast at that. So I grabbed my bag of marshmallows and started a campfire by rubbing two sticks  together. then I hear a bobbing sound in the murky lake  water behind me, I take a peek, nothing was there. then I heard a rustle in the bush, I turned around nothing was there.

suddenly (grrrrrrrrrrrr) RROOAARR!!!! I saw something that looked like the lockness monster, it was scaly like a lizard, it’s eyes were shaped like ovals they were as yellow as dandelion yellow dye from minecraft with a zebra stripe right down the middle. i felt that this was my chance to defend or escape, I decided to defend so I held my stick up to the beast when suddenly It’s eyes turned....pink! it took some time but then I figured it out, It was looking at the marshmallow! I threw the marshmallow up in the air and the monster / now angel jumped and ate it in mid air! I reached for another one and threw it as high as I could and the beast still jumped and caught it. I reached into the bag again, I could only feel one more! this time the fish looking monster almost swallowed my hand whole! but thankfully only ate the marshmallow, that’s when it went downhill. the monsters eyes turned back from pink to yellow when suddenly…

The freak screamed, I ran away into the bushes. finally I found a golden marsh mallow from my best friends campfire, threw it as hard as i could into the woods and the monster sprinted and sprinted to eat it. I ran for my life while the  giant was distracted, when suddenly there was a humongous shadow in front of me. I looked up, it was a hairy ape… just kidding it was the marshmallow monster i sprinted my life away when gurgle, gurgle then the monster fell to the ground then I asked myself why would no one eat a perfect golden marshmallow and why did the monster fall to the ground when he ate that one marshmallow?  then it came to me no one would eat a perfect golden marshmallow if it was poisonous!!!!!!! I walked back, then a twig pinched me when instantly I woke up to a green material roof. Thank *** it was just a dream ……...   

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  1. I love how you told everybody about your suroundings and I loved that you told everybody about your monster. Keep up the good work.(:

  2. Good detail. The first paragraph make me want to read more and more

  3. i like how you said at the start dark and slightly gloomy night. well done with your writing Vaughn i'd like to see what you came up with next.

  4. Wow Vaughn that got me absorbed so much. I also loved the mysterious parts you put in it they always kept me wondering. Well done.

  5. I also liked how you said dark and slightly too.Well done!!!