Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marvel super hero

1  Click on the following link
 2 Click begin and choose you super hero base (body)
3 when you have done this there are 6 choices those include: Hero packs(Iorn man, Spider-man, Captain America, Wolveriene, Thor) Skin types, Head, Upper body, lower body Acsessory
4 Make it suit your style and make a name then click print but don't click print a second time press save


  1. awesome super hero Vaughn by the way i'm Bowen

  2. awesome super hero Vaughn it was very imaginative and different from everyone else as you used parts of all the super heroes on the side. It looks very unique and cool at the same time. for jack f

  3. Good job Vaughn i like how you mixed up the super hero and added them together