Monday, May 15, 2017

Co Educational Schools Are The Way To Go

In our class we have had four topics for writing, car seats, school sports, pocket money and classes. I chose to write about classes. This is my peice to try and presade you that co educational schools are the way to go

Firstly, if they go to a co-educational school, they will be prepared for the real world and will be able to interact with others very well, this can also increase their chance of making friends of the other gender. Following this, they will most likely gain respect for everyone around them, such as different countries, skin colours and beliefs.

Secondly, co-ed schools can boost relationships. If your child goes to an all boy or all girl’s school, they will most likely have only father/son or
mother/daughter days, whereas mixed gender schools will mix those into one to make it a family day. Another reason, is you may have a child that copes better with the opposite gender, they will not be able to do this when the opposite gender doesn’t even go to their school.

Thirdly, if you have two children of different genders and if you were to send your son to an all boys school and your daughter to an all girls school, chances are you will have to drive to two places and burn fuel you don’t have to burn, but if you send them both to the same school that won't have to happen.

Lastly, some special teachers only teach specific subjects to different gender schools and teach that gender, sending your child to a mixed school will save time by getting that teacher to teach both genders at the same time.
In addition, students may want to play certain sports, an example would be boys wanting to play netball and girls playing rugby, and this may not be available at single sex schools.

Therefore, I strongly believe that co educational schools are better for your child than single sex schools, whether it be in society, relationships or special subjects, they all come around to support this. Hopefully this piece has persuaded you to send your child to a co-educational school.

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  1. That is a really good i liked the way that you like co education.