Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Haast Paast

Moa Story
WALT recount/ retell  an interesting event.
The purpose of our story is to entertain, retell and inform.

Success Criteria:
Content & ideas
  • Hook in the reader at the start - hint of a problem
  • Create suspense- don’t give too much information- give clues
Sentence Formation
  • Write a variety of sentence starters and vary the lengths of sentences to create excitement.
  • I use interesting verbs and describing words.
  • I choose words suitable to the topic
  • Introduction - setting (time, weather, place etc), character/s
  • Middle - problem
  • Conclusion (ending)
  • One paragraph for one idea and detail about the one idea.
  • I write most essential list words accurately - no sloppy mistakes.
  • I use basic punctuation correctly        
  • . , ! ? “ “
  • I am proofreading and checking my writing

Five Hours
Stuart Island
George of the Jungle
Make Shelter
Doze off

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‘Twas the night before my birthday. I was lying in a cold blanket of tree leaves, Five whole hours had passed since I was washed down the river being separated from my fellow scouts. We had been at a campsite in the Stuart Island, we were crossing a violent river when I suddenly got washed away. I was nearly at a junction when I grabbed a nearby vine. I swung across like I was George of the Jungle…. Then it snapped!

I fell onto the jungle floor below me and was covered in algae from the river. I stumbled helplessly for 2 hours then I finally found a light, sadly it was only light from the moon. I decided to make a shelter Bear Grylls style! The only source I had to keep me sane was a granola bar. Finally I dozed off into a deep sleep.

CCCCAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!, My body was woken by a sound that terrified me. I scrambled off my log and made my way out of the shelter. I was terrified to see the biggest bird I had ever seen  circling me . CCCAAAAWWWW!!! The beast screamed again, and before I knew it it had landed in the bushes directly in front of me. Four red eyes peered directly at me, it was the scariest thing I had ever been through.

That’s when it happened….. two Haast’s Eagles soared towards me knocking me over. “How?, when?, why?” I stuttered in my head. I couldn’t believe my eyes, was it a dream?. I pinched myself just to be sure. It WORKED! I woke up on my log, But I knew something was wrong. I went outside to find two dead Haast’s Eagles on the ground.

“What’s happened?” I said to myself. I tried to help them but they had no pulse, I knew it was too late! I decided to bury them somewhere no one would find them. I knew no-one would believe me so I kept it to myself, Until Now!

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